Action & Sports

We have to see that again!

While there is the avenue of multicam event coverage for sports,  there is also the promotional and documentary aspect to Action & Sports videography. Nothing is more fun than filming high energy footage that has the adrenaline flowing all the while being able to tell a story within these moments easily missed if you blink.  Whether you need to build a stronger team or capture the moments that lead to the accolades. KnightVision Media thrives on giving you the best possible footage given the opportunity.

Capturing action can be an extreme activity that often requires a high amount of creativity, courage and specialty gear. KnightVision takes this task very seriously and we understand the importance of only getting one chance for the shot. We take it.

Deliverables you can achieve within Action & Sports:


  • Creating a stunning summary of the event.
  • Generate interest for next year.
  • Showcase peak moments, maintaining high energy enthusiastic themes.
  • Show appreciation towards all involved.
  • Exhibit footage for display/looped media.
  • Media that can be used for documentary/presentation.
  • Post event content creation.  
  • Instructional video material for products and/or equipment.


  • Generate support for upcoming event.
  • Pre/Post event content for all social media platforms.
  • Call to action
  • Annual promotions (Seasonal sales, bundles etc.)
  • Connect to your supports in a direct way.

Multicam Coverage

  • Multiple angles recording entirety of the event.
  • The ability to create content choosing your favorite moments.
  • Creating media to share with the public.
  • Appeal to a wider audience.
  • Archival and record keeping in the clearest form.

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Each project is unique in every way. It's important to really narrow in on the specifics, which is why we offer free consultation. We want to allow you to share with us in full detail what you hope to achieve by using KnightVision to service your needs. So we can aim high and deliver the best quality Video and Photography to represent you and your business.

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