Event Coverage

Our experience with event coverage gives us the ability and wherewithal to be quick and in the moment right alongside each event with tasteful and gripping visuals that really elevate the event to a new height.

Having multicam coverage of your event allows you the opportunity to have an array of content that moves you in the direction you want to go. Whether you want to build upon your event for next year, inspire others to get involved or simply take charge of your brand and business’ marketing, KnightVision delivers a high variety of footage that gives you options for the future.

Deliverables you can achieve with event coverage:


  • A stunning summary of the entire project.
  • Heavy influence of brand and/or mission. (Music, colour, overall theme consciously put in place to match brand/business.)
  • Designed to hold the attention of viewer.
  • Timeless, reusable for multiple purposes.
  • Quickest way for viewer to absorb the message.
  • Tutorial material (Classroom, workshop, training etc.)
  • Exhibit footage for display/looped media.
  • Media that can be used for documentary/presentation.
  • Post event content creation.  
  • Instructional video material for products and/or equipment.


  • Targeted message created with footage. Specific for social media platforms/sponsored ads.
  • Well thought out imagery to match narrative of promotional message.
  • Quick and precise, unique and clear video creating a call to action.
  • Timeless ad for business and/or promotion.
  • Competitive strategy within independent marketing tools.
  • Tell your story

Multicam Coverage

  • Multiple angles recording entirety of the event.
  • The ability to create content choosing your favorite moments.
  • Creating media to share with the public.
  • Appeal to a wider audience.
  • Archival and record keeping in the clearest form.

Reach out for free consultation!

Each project is unique in every way. It's important to really narrow in on the specifics, which is why we offer free consultation. We want to allow you to share with us in full detail what you hope to achieve by using KnightVision to service your needs. So we can aim high and deliver the best quality Video and Photography to represent you and your business.

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