Industrial & Manufacturing

Be a leader in your industry.

The KnightVision team can help your company showcase why it is leading the industry. We can work with you to  create content that trains up and coming professionals in an efficient manner. With over 10 years experience in the industry, our knowledge can help ensure your clients and suppliers know exactly what you need them to with visual aid and production value that is long lasting.

Safety and technical training are key components to the success in any industry and we have found video is a huge help in ensuring employees are up to date as possible. In a market reliant on new technology and industry standards, video production assists companies with delivering their needs within the business as well as any regards to the public.

Service & Training

  • Train people how to use your products.
  • Detailed visual aid for in depth “how to”
  • Ensure knowledge about products are accessible.
  • Create online training courses for employees.
  • Create up to date study material for any specialty licensed equipment.
  • Provide online assistance for products and materials specific to your company.


  • Targeted message created with footage. Specific for social media platforms/sponsored ads.
  • Well thought out imagery to match narrative of promotional message.
  • Quick and precise, unique and clear video creating a call to action.
  • Timeless ad for business and/or promotion.
  • Competitive strategy within independent marketing tools.
  • Tell your story.



  • Showcase tools/technology hitting the market.
  • Walk-through of new equipment/product.
  • Create content for website.
  • Set the standard for product use and maintenance.
  • How it’s made.

Reach out for free consultation!

Each project is unique in every way. It's important to really narrow in on the specifics, which is why we offer free consultation. We want to allow you to share with us in full detail what you hope to achieve by using KnightVision to service your needs. So we can aim high and deliver the best quality Video and Photography to represent you and your business.

Please don't hesitate to get in touch as we're here to help!

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  • Become a stand out brand
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  • Lead your industry
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